For 10 years Africa Oyé has been working closely with local schools and community centres in our outreach programme.

In previous years Oyé has been able to build a fantastic relationship with the community and hosted successful workshops in schools. The artists who lead the workshops have been from a range of countries including Haiti, Niger, Zimbabwe, Cape Verde, as well as artists which are based in the UK.

Engaging with children in the region helps to promote the positive images of African culture we hold dear.

There are opportunities throughout the year to get involved and if you would like to host a workshop in your school please get in touch.

Please check this page for updates on opportunities available.


Art Competition:

To celebrate #oye25, we have an exciting project Festival Flags for schools in the North West Region.

See our competition page for more info




Arts Award Supporter

Learning and Participation Project 2017

Artist Muntu Valdo from Cameroon, Dates: 27th February – 10th March 2017

A focus on Africa through Music – connecting communities to world cultures


The workshops can either be an addition to cultural studies or music studies as the aim is to add richness to subjects the students are already exploring through their studies.

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