Africa Oyé announce partnership with O2

As Africa Oyé makes preparations for its 21st anniversary celebration this June, the UK’s biggest live festival of African music and culture is happy to announce a partnership with O2 International Sim. The partnership will see O2 bring their fantastic ‘O2 zone’ to the festival in Liverpool this year – another addition to the stellar line-up of music and entertainment already on offer.

Paul Duhaney, Oyé festival director, said “Africa Oyé are delighted to be working with O2 International Sim for this year’s festival, and their O2 zone, which they’ll be hosting over the weekend, fits well with Oyé’s ethos.”

The O2 zone will give kids at Oyé the chance to make their very own African mask as well as get their family photo taken ‘at the beach’, right in the middle of Sefton Park! O2 will be taking hundreds of photos and helping to connect people with friends and families in countries across the world.

Looking to provide low international calling rates and engage with communities across the UK, O2 see Oyé as a perfect event to partner with. Gosia Manka at O2 says, “O2 International Sim are delighted to be involved with Africa Oye 2013; we’re looking forward to seeing you at our O2 zone in Sefton Park”.For more information on the O2 International Sim, go to


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