Anwar Ali & Dave Owen

Anwar Ali & Dave Owen

Dave and Anwar(1)

Oyé Introduces: Anwar Ali & Dave Owen

Sunday 18th June 2017

Anwar Ali originally comes from the Bajuni islands off the coast of East Africa. He moved to the UK as a refugee. Anwar plays the oud, a Middle Eastern instrument which is popular around Somalia and Kenya.He has brought with him lots of Swahili songs from his own country, which are joyous songs about love and good times. Anwar’s style is a mix of traditional Kenyan/Swahili with influences from as far a field as Norway and France.

Anwar is accompanied by Dave on guitar, a seasoned player who has been performing in bands around Liverpool for over 10 years. He started playing with Anwar about four years ago and always tries not to change the essence of Anwar’s music. He reflects the rhythms of the oud while adding folk style harmony lines on guitar. The result is a unique glimpse into the beautiful music of an East African culture, conjuring up images of white sands and fragrant sea breezes, unrequited love and cha cha dancing.

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