If you are interested in future workshops, please get in touch.

Throughout the year Africa Oyé not only works with schools and community centres but local organisations.

In the past we have held workshops on music and dance; this year alone we have held associated events with MOVEMA, MDI and International Festival of Business. Aside from the workshops we offer, we can also work together to bring informative workshops with others in Liverpool.

Our outreach programmes work with a range of talented musicians and artists, if you would like to host a workshop in your school please get in touch and we can send across more information, lesson plan and booking forms.


NuTRIBE: Multi-disciplinary workshops 

Dates still available: 12th-23rd March 2018.


Our curriculum-linked workshops are a great way to inspire participants and gain insight and interest in the arts. Our workshops are specifically designed by our team of experts to inspire your learners and enrich their learning experience.

Born and raised in Liverpool 8, Nutribe are looking to share their skills with North West students in our multi-disciplinary, multi-sensory workshop. The collective can cover elements ranging from music, dance, technology and communication.
Having performed on the main stage during the 25th Anniversary in 2017, the group is highly conscious, lyrical and have a sound that will be the foundation of the workshops learning experience.

Please see here for information on booking Spring 2018 workshops



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