HAJAmadagascar & The Groovy People

HAJAmadagascar & The Groovy People

Haja Madagascar & The Groovy People at Africa Oyé 2014

HAJAmadagascar & The Groovy People (Madagascar)

Sunday 18th June 2017

When HAJAmadagascar and his band turn up the heat, even the coolest audience melts after just a short time. Like a river that overflows its dams, sweeping away everything in its path, the Groovy People’s show also generates immense energy around its charismatic singer, multi-instrumentalist, bandleader, and above all showman.

The band’s music blends in as colourfully as the population of the exotic island of Madagascar. Trance-like and hypnotic beats and grooves originating from this great South East African Island.

HAJAmadagascar first brought his sunshine filled performance to Oyé in 2005 and then again in 2014!

Would you like to learn to dance like Haja? Join his workshop at the Oyé Active Zone on Sunday 18th June, 16:00-16:30.

workshop details here 

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