Nutribe & Butcha B

Nutribe & Butcha B


Oyé Introduces: Nutribe & Butcha B

Saturday 17th June 2017

Nutribe & Butcha B come to the festival as part of COLLECTA, self-described as ‘da wickedest’ multi-disciplinary arts collective in the UK’, creating works of music, dance, photography, film and more.

Having all attended the festival over the years as kids growing up and with their parents being some of the brains behind Oyé’s spiritual ancestor, World Earthbeat, Nutribe truly represent the legacy of the festival. Formed in L8, the group’s sound is reminiscent of the conscious, lyrical hip-hop of 80s De La Soul but is very much one of their own making and a sound that will be reaching an audience it deserves at Oyé 25.

The group will be performing some of their most recent projects as well as collaborations with other Liverpool artists.

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