Les Frères Guissé


Touring 17th to 27th March 2011

The three brothers Djiby, Cheik and Aliou Guissé originate from the Fouta Tooro area in the North of Senegal. Their music is based on different rhythms of the Toucouleur, such as the Yela, but the Guissé brothers prefer saying that their music is universal, for all ages and races.

Beautiful and sensitive and well rooted in the traditions of West Africa. Poetic lyrics and close harmony singing, two acoustic guitars and a variety of percussion.

With two acoustic guitars and a djembé, the three Guissé brothers mesmerize all the audiences they meet. Djiby’s and Cheikh’s voices swirl around the melodic guitar lines whilst Alioune quietly plays his percussions.

The story of the band began in 1988, when the brothers decided to start an acoustic venture. Djiby was fed up with electronic keyboards, and with the all-electric approach of the bands he’d played with so far: “We found it necessary to be self-sufficient, we needed a personal touch, an original sound”, says Djiby.

Their songs call to mind the difficulties of daily life, youngsters’ problems. “We put the emphasis on the melodies even though we know that Senegalese audiences react more to rhythms. In our music, guitars stick closely to the voices, and we just play what we feel.”

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