Africa Oyé and NUtribe educational workshops to travel across the North West

Africa Oyé and NUtribe educational workshops to travel across the North West

Africa Oyé is not only the annual festival in Sefton Park. For over 15 years, the team work closely with local schools and community centres in our outreach programme, the annual Learning and Participation project. In previous years Africa Oyé has built a fantastic relationship with the community and hosted workshops with artists from a range of countries including Cameroon, Madagascar and Zimbabwe and we are excited to announce that this year will be working with 2017 festival alumni, NUtribe.

“To experience music, you do not need instruments or be able to sing, you just need to be present”
Africa Oyé – Project Coordinator


Photo courtesy of FutureBubblers

Through the Learning and Participation workshops we try and capture children and young people’s enthusiasm for culture whilst adding richness to the national curriculum. Those who take part are able to meet artists and learn valuable skills, which can be applied not only to the workshop but to situations inside and outside of a school setting. The workshops take the children and young people on a journey, learning about the artists’ background and story and taking part in creating a short piece of artwork with them. The Africa Oyé workshops create a safe place for pupils to interact with musicians, which is not only fun but encourages creativity and appreciation for different cultures, a lesson they can take with them beyond the time we spend there and hopefully, be something the participants remember for years to come.

Muntu @ LIPA

Muntu Valdo at LIPA Sixth Form 2017, photo courtesy of Brian Campbell LIPA Sixth Form

The artists leading the project this year are born and raised in Liverpool L8, with their ‘NU movement : NU sounds’ making creative waves across the country. NUtribe will lead a multi-disciplinary, multi-sensory workshop for schools and community centres across the North West region.

The project will be starting off with a bang on Monday 12th March with a full day of engagement with LIPA Sixth Form’s Year 12’s and be running until the end of the month.

To keep up to date, look out for the #NUoyeworkshops on social media and if you would like to hear about upcoming projects or register your interest, please email

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